Ms. Divya Desai, miracle worker!

Dr. Desai has been my husband's rehabilitation expert for several weeks now and the progress he has made is astounding. He has been diagnosed with Parkinson's with Lewy Body dementia symptoms and has been wheelchair-bound for two years. He is presently at an assisted living facility. Dr. Desai regularly meets with him four days a week. She started working on his endurance in standing and transferring from the wheelchair to his bed and sofa etc. Over the course of the first month, she has progressed from encouraging him to walk several feet with a walker to having him walking the several yards to the dining room and back! After achieving such unbelievable goals, his confidence in himself and in Dr. Desai is overwhelming! The staff at the ALF recognize his progress and applaud him and Dr. Desai! And she has my utmost admiration and gratitude!!

Dr. D. is professional yet personable in her approach with the patient and with family members. I receive regular updates and progress notes. She accepts Medicare and the financial details have been trouble-free. She is tops in her profession and I recommend her wholeheartedly!

Ms. T. H.-R.


My experience working with OT Divya Desai has been very positive. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in her field of work. Divya took a personal interest in my needs and wanting to know what my goals were. At the beginning of each session, she would discuss the plan for the day, ask how I was going and focus on the therapy on what I needed extra help with that day. She discussed my progress and what I needed to continue doing once the therapy sessions were completed. Over all the one-on-one therapy with the different exercises and activities was excellent and done by someone who really cares about helping her patients reach their goal.