Experience the LSVT- Big Difference!

What is LSVT- Big?

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment is an evidence-based approach that was originally developed to help patients with Parkinson's disease assist with their speech issues. The approach was then further built to incorporate occupational and physical therapies, to further assist patients with their balance, gait and movement related impairments. You can find more information about LSVT- Big here.

The approach focuses on calibrating your movements, allowing you to improve the quality of movements. The result is better performance in your day-to-day activities such as dressing, moving from one surface to another, and decreasing incidence of falls and fear of falling.

Here's what to expect:

  • Session 1: A comprehensive evaluation, that allows us to better understand your needs. Establish goals and start you with an exercise program and a home program.

  • Sixteen intensive sessions (four times a week for four weeks), when our therapist will meticulously improve the amplitude (distance) and pace (speed) of movement. We will also work on your balance, posture and improve your independence with the activities of daily living.

  • Discharge (if appropriate), and then a 30-day, 90-day, 6 months and 1 year follow up (on the phone). Continue therapy if discharge is not appropriate.

Wellness Program

Don't have a medical necessity but just need someone to keep you accountable and regularly push you to do more? Then our wellness program is right for you. The sessions are the same exact LSVT- style, an hour of power, if we may! You can purchase these session packages and use them as needed. Please contact us for additional information on the session packages.

Cash-based Therapy

Don't have an insurance? Have a high deductible that you can't possibly meet? We can still provide quality occupational therapy on cash- payment basis. This option actually allows us to do what you need without being restricted by insurance companies dictating what we can/cannot do. A superbill provided after the session can be submitted to insurance company to receive reimbursement- and we have resources to guide you through this process. Please contact us to learn more about the cash-based therapy charges. Prompt pay discount available.

Contact Us

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