Experience the LSVT- Big Difference!

Services Provided

One-on-one sessions

Experience what its like when your therapist has their fullest attention to your needs. These sessions will be 50-60 minutes long. LSVT-Big approach works best when you work with your therapist four times a week for four consecutive weeks.

Maintenance Therapy

Sometimes, it is difficult to carry over a home program all by yourself- especially after discharge. This can happen due to fluctuations in your performance, that requires a skilled person to modify your program regularly. Our maintenance program is geared towards maintaining benefits you gained from therapy. If medically necessary, this can be covered by Medicare (our therapist will make a determination of the medical necessity). Must complete one-on-one therapy program before initiating a maintenance therapy.

Cash-payment (For commercial insurances)

We will be happy to provide superbill that can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement. Bulk-sessions discount available when purchased in advance.

Premium Package

One-on-one sessions in the comforts of your home. Purchase sessions and use them as you find them necessary. Quote provided based on sessions purchased and drive time.

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