Experience the LSVT- Big Difference!

Services Provided

One-on-one sessions

These sessions are designed to help patients who are struggling with the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. LSVT-Big approach works best when you work with your therapist four times a week for four consecutive weeks. Experience what its like when your therapist has their fullest attention to your needs. These sessions will be 50-60 minutes long.

Maintenance Therapy

After discharge from therapy, it can be difficult to maintain the skills and benefits that you have gained. This is especially true if a person experiences fluctuations in their performance that require a skilled therapist to modify the program regularly. Our maintenance program is geared towards maintaining benefits you gained from therapy but sometimes requires a skilled person either in your home or at a facility in order to modify your program regularly. If medically necessary, this can be covered by Medicare (our therapist will make a determination of the medical necessity). Please note that maintenance therapy is not offered as frequently as the traditional therapy.

Cash-payment (For commercial insurances)

We will be happy to provide superbill that can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement. Bulk-sessions discount available when purchased in advance.

Premium Package

One-on-one sessions in the comforts of your home. Purchase sessions and use them as you find them necessary. Quote provided based on sessions purchased and drive time.

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